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Global Sports Management is a diversified sports management company that provides a suite of services to athletes, teams, leagues and companies to help reach and exceed the goals they have set.

Insurance Benefits


GSM works with top worldwide underwriters of insurance that offers a broad portfolio of international insurance solutions for players who play outside of their home country which includes life, disability, health, personal property and an assortment of other insurance benefits that players that play at this level rarely have access to.

International tax attorney

GSM works with tax law firms focused on successfully representing your sensitive federal tax disputes, tax controversies, and tax litigation problems.The tax law firms that we work with represent clients all over the United States and in many foreign countries and consult with counsel throughout the world on Business and Employment Tax, Criminal Tax Investigations, IRS Audits and Appeals, International Tax Issues as well as Offshore Account Issues.

Financial planning and career transition

We have over 15 plus years of experience in helping athletes and many others manage and grow their wealth to provide the lifestyle they envision for them and their families. We also work with athletes throughout their career and once its winding down to be able to successfully transition from a life of playing international athletics.

Contract and endorsement management

Our focus at GSM is to make sure that international brands have a clear idea of how they think an athlete can help their brand and athletes should have a clear idea of whether the brand is a good fit for their image/personal brand and whether there are any conflicts with any existing sponsors. We’ve taken our expertise and we focus on making sure strategic plans are in place to benefit both the athlete and the brand.

Adaptive services

At GSM we have come to recognize the importance of being able to focus on the readiness of athletes who are going to play internationally. So many times, they are placed based purely on financial consideration while not thinking about their ability to perform effectively in a new environment that has different cultural and social expectations and requirements. We work with our athletes to provide them more than the ability to assimilate but to demonstrate acceptance and respect for cultural norms and social protocol are a requirement for building trust. Thus, making their experience better for them and increases their ability to play at the highest level.

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